Love Marriage Specialist In Goa

Love marriage specialist in Goa Pandit Suresh Sharma Ji says that marriage love is not just the union of two people, but the union of two families, which are now more closely related to each other. Organized marriage focuses on the family alliance. When you are looking for a partner for your child or daughter, parents first check whether the family of potential suitors is compatible with their parents. Do they have the same background (cultural and religious), social and economic status, level of education, and similar values? If so, they feel that they can marry their son or daughter in this family, knowing that they will care for them and live like their parents. “Security and stability, it seems, are the most valuable things that have been sought in orderly marriage, although this may seem a peaceful way to go so, the value of marriage can not be denied stable, this may be one of the reasons.

Critics of organized marriages say that in such marriages, insufficient attention is paid to how the couple feel about each other. Emotional and physical compatibility is ignored in favor of practical considerations. Love marriage specialist in Goa Pandit Ji says if you say: I do not feel anything for him / her family members can answer, saying: love will grow over time. Another drawback is that the couple may not have enough time to get to know each other, to understand the feelings, values ​​and opinions of each other, different problems. So, once there is a wedding, there is a great need for customization. Each partner must learn to understand and adapt to the other and begin to appreciate the good things in the relationship.

Love Marriage Specialist In Goa

 When I talk to people who are about to join an organized marriage, I often feel that many of them have a strong sense of duty and duty towards their parents. Love marriage specialist in Goa Pandit Ji believe they need to take their parents’ choice to live for them Sometimes these people get married, so they know they will be so unhappy that their parents are happy. On the other hand, marriage of love is often misinterpreted as an expression of freedom or an uprising against parents. Finding a balance between our desires and the wishes of our parents is a difficult task that we all face. So keep both parents happy and the couple should take the advice of love marriage specialist J Pandit contact us for more information.

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